Friday, July 22, 2011

Bread Making Video - Tartine Bakery Home Version of Country Bread

I went to check out this video today after my friends made the bread at home and posted it on Facebook.   It made me cry.  Very inspiring.  I feel everyone should attempt to bake a loaf of their own bread at least once in their lives.  Bread baking may seem like a basic skill but it takes a master artist to invent something  this complex and amazing.  I don't think this bakery existed the last time I was in San Francisco, but I will be checking it out on my next visit!

Also, this is another good example of home cooks being inspired to go home and make something wonderful that they enjoyed at a favorite restaurant.  It makes me happy!

My friends version: 

From the Tartine Bakery Bread Cookbook

To testify on difficult this is,  google Tartine Bread baking blogs and you get a lot of  information on other peoples attempts.

Great job Jon and Ruth!!